Feather n Weave Dresses: The Perfect Match for Your Taylor Swift Playlist

Feather n Weave Dresses: The Perfect Match for Your Taylor Swift Playlist

Calling all Swifties with a flair for fashion! Taylor Swift, the queen of storytelling through music, has also become a fashion icon. Her ever-evolving style reflects the themes and emotions present in her songs. Swifties are already loving her recent album, ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ across the globe and her ‘gram posts about it showcase her subtle yet bold style for it.

This blog is for the fashion-forward Swiftie who wants to channel their inner Taylor. We all know Taylor uses her music to tell stories and evoke emotions. Here at Feather n Weave, we believe fashion can do the same. So get ready to turn up the volume on your style and create your own iconic look inspired by Taylor's unforgettable music and our pretty outfits!


  1. Down Bad -  Blue Dress

    The break-up anthem ‘Down Bad’ from Taylor's latest album, ‘Tortured Poets Department,’ captures the emotions of heartbreak and longing. Feather n Weave's Blue Dress reflects this mood perfectly. The dark blue hue and figure-flattering silhouette create a look that's both glamorous and slightly defiant, perfect for a night out where you're ready to move on but still look amazing.

  2. Love Story - Breezy Kaftan Dress

    ‘Love Story’ is a timeless classic about enduring love. Feather n Weave's Kaftan dress reflects this sentiment perfectly. The bold pattern exudes confidence and passion, while the classic and comfy silhouette evokes timeless elegance, just like the song itself.

  3. Shake It Off -  Floral Dress

    Ready to ditch negativity and embrace confidence? ‘Shake It Off’ is the ultimate empowerment anthem. Feather n Weave's Floral Dress embodies this energy with its vibrant print and bold mini style. Rock this outfit and shake it off like Taylor!

  4.  Blank Space -  Abstract Print Dress

    The mysterious and captivating ‘Blank Space’ leaves room for interpretation. Feather n Weave's Abstract Print Dress reflects this enigmatic vibe. The vibrant colour scheme and artsy design create an air of intrigue, perfect for channelling your inner ‘Blank Space’ persona.

  5.  Enchanted - Pink Flowy Dress

    The whimsical and dreamy ‘Enchanted’ takes us on a fairytale adventure. Capture that feeling with the romantic Pink dress from Feather n Weave. This flowy dress in a soft pastel shade embodies the youthful innocence and hopeful yearning of the song.

    This is just a starting point, Swifties! The outfit possibilities are endless with Feather n Weave's diverse collection and Taylor Swift's vast discography. So put on your favourite Taylor Swift song, browse the Feather n Weave collection, and create your own iconic look!